S.T., Class of 2019

Just found this in my blog drafts folder and what perfect timing since it’s senior portrait time! Last year I met this awesome guy, his mum, and his friend at Bare Cove Park in Hingham MA.  It had been years since I had photographed a session there so I was excited to go back!  It was a cloudy and gloomy evening so the light was darker than I had hoped, but we still managed to get some great stuff.   It helps that he’s fantastically photogenic.  Plus cloudy days offer my favorite kind of lighting.  The colors pop so well! Take a look!

While stoic in his nature, this senior did a great job of being active in his stoicism.  He prefers a closed-lip smile (and just a slight one at that) but he was always present while posing; he wasn’t stiff or stand-off-ish.  He just simply wanted to be captured as himself and that’s what I always strive to do with each of my clients.  At his ordering session, he was happy with his images and that made me so happy.  That’s what it’s all about, my friends.

I had a blast hanging out with this fella and his awesome mum (and his friend too!).  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture who you are.  You’re awesome.


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