Portraits at the Beach with the F family – Irish Eyes photography – Hingham MA

As I’ve been in this studio location for two and a half years, I’ve been very lucky to have great neighbors. Right next door to me is Fitness Together Hingham. Ken, the owner of that location, has been wonderful to work alongside every day. Always friendly, helpful in a jam (once he helped me break into the studio through a common back door when I was on a time crunch!), and just an all around nice guy, I am always happy to wave hello when he walks by every day.

One day recently, instead of our daily wave, he came in and asked if he could book an appointment with me! I was delighted to get to work with him and his family. His wife and kids are as lovely as I would imagine, and we had entirely too much fun running around and playing at the beach.  You all know by now that I strive for very little posing; that I want the kids to feel like they’re in charge so they can have fun and be natural for the camera. All of these lovely moments are true and candid. We had a blast and I think it shows in their gallery.

Ken and family: it has been nothing but a pleasure working with you. I can’t wait to see your wall art all framed up and your album printed!  These are memories that your children will cherish forever. Thank you for choosing me to capture them.


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