Meet Kerry

Well, hello there! Thanks for wanting to get to know me better. Instead of writing a pithy bio in which I spout all the same details you'd expect, I thought I'd try to give you a better picture of who I am by listing a whole bunch of random stuff. Let's see if it's effective...

-I think tomatoes are perfection. They, on top of some crusty bread with some mozzarella and basil are pure heaven to me.
-I am a middle child. I spent the majority of my life desperate for attention which brought me to some amazing places with my acting career. When I finally got over myself, I organically moved behind the camera and focused my attention on everyone else. Every so often, recognizing this transition makes me chuckle to myself.
-The first camera I had was an old 35mm point-and-shoot that my parents gave me when I was about, oh, ten or twelve? I used it All. The. Time. Eventually, years later after so much use, it would smell like fire every time I took a photo. You would think this would make me buy a new one, but I kept on going with my firestarter for a good year or two. My freshman year of college, Santa brought me a 35mm SLR and it was love at first sight. The rest, was history.
-I am married to a pretty awesome guy. We met on eHarmony. It baffles us every day that a computer program brought two people so perfect for each other together.
-We've got two kids. A girl and a boy. They're awesome. Even though I started this business well before their time, their existence has made me a much better photographer.
-I believe that Bob Ross was God (whatever your version of god is) coming down to hang out on earth for a while, in disguise. Seriously, watch one of his programs --- you'll feel calm and at peace within moments! I get very excited whenever I catch that happy little hippie on TV.
-In the song, "Pumped Up Kicks," for a very long time I thought the lyric was, "...better run, better run, faster than my puppet." And it would cause me to break into giggles every time I pictured kids running from a giant Muppet.
-Speaking of Muppets, I think they're the greatest.


What you might want to know with regard to photography:

I built Irish Eyes Photography from the ground up. It's been a full fledged business since 2008! The main focus has been, is, and always will be children and family portraiture. portraiture will always be what I specialize in. Why?

I love taking the time to be with people and capture who they are. This goes for clients of any age, but I generally work with kids because I seem to "get" them. Parents have commented that, "it's strange, my kid is usually so uncomfortable with strangers but I think you have a new best friend!" Well, I think I'm just one of those lucky people who can be around kids and make them feel comfortable. It's pretty easy for me actually; I just tread the line of treating them like adults and acting like a complete goof. I also give them all the time they need. There's never any rush. I think kids feel that freedom and then use the space we create for portraits as a playground in which they can be who they truly are. Having fun with my clients is why I love my job so much. This usually results in a catalog of adorable, wall-worthy photos as well as some hilarious ones that the parents will forever get a kick out of. There's nothing more fun than coming back to my desk, uploading my work from a session, coming across a particularly giggle-inducing photo, and laughing right out loud.

So, let's work together and laugh out loud together! Whether you're a parent of a little one or a full-grown child at heart, I'd love to work with you.


*above portraits taken by egle ruth photography, 2018


These are not, in fact, my favorite things, but the favorite things suggested by the site designer. Instead of deleting it, I'm keeping this here until I photograph my favorite things because I think this is an excellent idea. For now, enjoy these random shots of succulents, coffee, and a puppy.

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